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How To Join Up

Straight up I would like to thank you for taking the first step from separating yourself from the norm. As you may or may not know the "fitness" industry is so extensive with millions of so-call-experts coming from the wood work claiming they have the magic, miracle cure and that their system is the one and only. I am here to tell you right now that there is a small movement; a revolution if you will of dedicated coaches and practitioners who have had time in the trenches, who have experienced the highs and lows of training and wear the battle scars of trial and error with pride - my training program is one of these.

Nothing In Life Worth Having Comes Easy

I specialize in Strength and Conditioning training for athletes and non-athletes alike. I believe that Strength is the key to so many locked doors in our lives and working with you to achieve strength of body and mind is our principle goal. My aspirations is to provide you with world class coaching and to continually feed you true, innovative and no-nonsense health and fitness advice.  

I am not here to tell you that any one style or mode of training fits all, hell no. People all through history have proven that everything has its place and that whether you practice Yoga, Pilates, Martial Arts, Competitive Sports etc. you can achieve great results... IF YOU'RE DEDICATED. I am a firm believer that many don't ever achieve their health and fitness goals because they don't have that drive, that mongrel and yearning to get what they want, when they want it, at whatever cost.

The people whom train with me all have one thing in common, dedication! It's this dedication that gets them out of bed at the crack of dawn, that pushes them mentally and physically through their training, that separates them from the norm. These dedicated members aren't superstar athletes or genetic freaks - we don't desire the most gifted trainees, we desire the hard working trainees. Those that put it all on the line to complete a task, to show up on a poor nights sleep and put in a greater effort than everyone else.


I am not here to kiss your a## and bend over just to keep you happy. We are here to help guide you towards a very special thing, FREEDOM. Freedom to live a life that isn't held back by obstacles and restraints that modern habits have left us with. A freedom to dream and to have the mental and physical capabilities to strive for these dreams. A freedom of SELF EMPOWERMENT.

Day 1 - The Trial Session

My loyal 'Tribe' is a group whom believe in the same principles and want to surround themselves with like minded brothers and sisters. My process is a progressive system where members of whatever ability can work and move forward together, with each member bringing something to the table.

All potential Members have to engage in a TRIAL WORKOUT in their first week to see if they have what it takes to train with us. We don't just let anyone in - becoming a member is a privilege not a RIGHT. I have developed an environment where members can come together to achieve and anyone that will be detrimental to this will not be accepted. This isn't meant to scare you, by no means, this is in place so you know what you're getting.

This isn't some Elite Armed Forces Obstacle Course or crazy ritual involving sacrificial lambs - this is a sample session consisting of exercises and routines that we consider to be a "Standard" and if you prove yourself with a solid 100% effort than there is a great chance you're a shoe in.

How Does Our Membership Work?

Throughout my experience and years in the industry, we've established that the optimal system of training is Small Group Training (Maximum 10 people). We run small Group Training so as to maintain the highest quality coaching and provide you with the best training experience, so if our groups are full you may be asked to be put on a waiting list (optional).

Our training is for a 3 or 12 month membership with the option of 1-3 training sessions per week. We offer training packages for kids (Groms), males, females and mixed specific sessions. All sessions are by appointment only and as this is a private group/club I have expectations of all members so as to maintain the integrity and culture that I have created within our circle.

PKT Membership Options:
1 Sessions per Week Coaching:  $90/Month
2 Sessions per Week Coaching:  $110/Month
3 Sessions per Week Coaching:  $130/Month
PKT Hours of Operation:
To Be Announced Soon...

To apply for membership: Contact us to schedule your trial 

Call Now while space is available: 0411 473 078