PK vs. Shift Work

It has been a while since my first installment of "PK vs." and this topic is one that I am becoming more and more knowledgeable about.

Since i started working in the fitness industry, many clients and new friends have worked in jobs or have careers which involve shift work. For those not in the know, shift work is basically working on a rotating roster which includes night shifts. This is not the desirable 9-5 which most try to attain to working (better suits some families etc.). Primarily you will see hospital, law enforcement, factory, and emergency services working these sort of hours.

ANZAC Spirit

April 25, is the day that Australian's and New Zealander's stop and commemorate the service men and women of our great nations - The ANZAC's. Whether it is those whom have served in the great wars of old or those whom serve in the present day conflicts and wars, it is these people that we need to show our appreciation and respect.