We Always Need Heroes - Laird Hamilton

(Photo Courtesy of Tom Servais)

This is the second installment of the "We Always Need Heroes" series, and coincidentally this one is also about another waterman, one of the modern pioneers of waterman - Laird Hamilton. This Hawaiian surfing legend has been a major contributor to not only building the profile of surfing, but also one that has done it on his own terms and in his own way. Surfer, wind/kite/body surfer, hydrofoiler, sailboarder, stand up paddle boarder, and more famously Tow-In Surfing are just a small sample of what this man does for a living.

The Millenium Wave Tahiti
(Photo Courtesy of Tim McKenna)

This man was born for the ocean, and it is his passion for the ocean and how you can use it that I look up to. Despite the fact that he is paid to do it, he is life revolves around playing and living in the ocean, and he does not take it for granted. It is this lifestyle which I am sure many of us wish we had, but Laird developed and worked hard for it and deserves the right to live this way. A humble man by nature, and not one to look for the limelight (ironic considering his character the movie North Shore haha) he is never far from the media but only for doing what he loves.

A bloke never shy from an epic challenge, but it is preparation that is the key to much of his success. Laird eats and drinks organic, drinks little to no alcohol, in bed by 8pm each night, does regular Yoga, stretching, myofascial release work and meditation, and gives loads of love and time to his family. To top off the list HE IS A GYM JUNKY (when the surf isn't pumping), and he and his mates from malibu get together and do these wicked circuits. 

A man of incredible talents in the water he has inspired many (and even scored critics too), but it is his overall outlook on life and how he holds himself that I find appealing. He has been a hero of mine for a long time and when I bought his book "Forces of Nature - Mind, Body, Soul and of course Surfing" I got this amazing new outlook on many things to which I had never considered.

(Photo Courtesy of mensjournal.com)

So I tip my cap to Laird, he will be and will always be a hero of mine. The lessons that I have learned across the board have had a significant impact already, and I sure as hell hope to be dominating like he is at his age, that's for sure!

Enjoy this quick video montage of Laird, and for more Laird stuff click on this link - Laird:

Heroes Lesson (This lesson is courtesy of Lairds book):
Your path is yours alone - The best way to find your path is to start with a dream and then refuse to listen to anyone else's opinions about what you "can" and "can't" do in pursuit of that dream.

Charge It,


No Excuses Revisited

Jacob Lollback & Corey Jones
(Photo courtesy of goldcoast.com.au)

In 2010, I released a series of posts and videos on my site called the 'No Excuses' series, which featured my training, diet and general info after a major ankle injury I sustained playing Soccer. I was preparing for the Jacob Lollback Memorial (the first ever), and unfortunately was stuck in a 'moon boot' and using crutches for the majority of the lead up. But the purpose of the experiment was to train around my injury and see what I could achieve minus the standard training required to prepare for the event. I utilised a variety of resistance and bodyweight training combined with cardio, all with minimal emphasis on my legs. For a full explanation check out this link to my blogposts here:


So why exactly am I revisiting the No Excuses Series? Well I went and scored myself another annoying leg injury...

We Always Need Heroes - Jamie Mitchell

"We Always Need Heroes"

This is the first installment of a series about the people whom I hold as great inspiration or I look up to in my own life. The title of this series “We Always Need Heroes” came from something I hold important and that is to support those who serve and protect my freedom and my life. Each year I show my support to Legacy by purchasing one of their wristband which has “We Always Need Heroes” written on it. It leaves me a constant reminder to live life and value what I have. There is no objective judging criteria for my selections and I will explain why these people have made my list in each blog post. They will come from all walks of life and obviously those whom have achieved great physical feats will predominantly star in this series - however there will be some surprises in there too.

PLASTICS - What are they doing to us?

(Courtesy of bagitmovie.wordpress.com)

I caught a bit of TV over the weekend, and saw that one of the current affairs shows was doing a piece on the state of Plastic pollution in our Oceans. It spurred me into action to get around to writing this post that I have been putting on hold for so long. This has been something that I have been very passionate about for a long time. Want to know more about this developing global problem which affects us, READ ON...

Ocean Surf Safety

A great video resource from the Bondi Rescue Guys on basic Surf Safety. With Summer coming up, this is a great informational resource on how to enjoy the beach in the safest and best possible way.

Bondi Rescue - Surf Safety


Achmat Hassiem: An Inspiration To Us All...

Look, I LOVE the Olympics (when they televise it properly) as we get to watch some of the best athletes in the world compete in one of the finest of stages.

But there is one thing I love more than the Olympic Games... that being the PARALYMPIC Games. Witnessing what the human body and mind is capable of when challenged by life. One of my all time heroes is Kurt Fearnley, what this guy has been able to achieve and his outlook on life is so appealing and inspirational. This article is about a South African athlete, Achmat Hassiem, and his amazing journey to the Olympics Games.

Tuesday Pick-Me-Up

Indonesian River Tidal Swell

In dedication to the wet weather and the murky waters of late.

Alzheimer's Disease (Dementia)

When it comes to health, we as professionals don't always have the answer. If you came up to me and asked if physical exercise and healthy lifestyle choices will stop any chances of someone getting any long term health issues like Cancer or Dementia, I can't honestly say that it would. It isn't as cut and dry when it comes to questions and answers like this.

Weekend Pick-Me-Up

Friday, brings with it the wonderful sensation that the weekend is only hours away. To help you fire up for the weekend, here is an amazing video of the sunny coast going off its 'nana. Enjoy...

Thursday Wet and Wooly Morning Pick-Me-Up

When it is days like this (wet, cold, house-bound, flat surf, work to do etc.) you really appreciate days like these...

Yamba Physiotherapy Seminar

Friday 22 June 2012, I attended a seminar at Yamba Physiotherapy on "Predicting Injury with Quick Tests." This was a great little seminar put together by Andrea Miltiadou and Alan Nye (With help from the man Bryce Finck).

Yamba Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic

A Morning At Hybrid Fitness

It has been a while since I have had time to get everything back to normal after my hectic move up to Lismore. Fortunately, I scored a few days back in the Clarence Valley last week and all I wanted to do was go check out the Hybrid Fitness new gym facility in Grafton.

Magnus Scheving aka Sportacus

I came across the kids show "LazyTown" whilst channel surfing, during my time laid up with a serious ankle injury. It's a great show about being fit and healthy as well as good morals laid out for the kids through its stories. The star of the show "Sportacus" is played by a former aerobic gymnast, Magnus Scheving, what I didn't know is that he is also the CEO, creator and co-founder of LazyTown Entertainment.

Friday Pick-Me-Up ... Tahiti Dreaming

Well it's friday and I am now on my first official 'holiday' in almost 18 months (more than 3 days). Whilst I have been catching up on the necessaries I also have been scouring through all the emails that I needed to sort out. Quiksilver sent me this little beauty through youtube subscribe. Tahiti is an amazing place full of history, beauty and raw power. 

Sunday Morning Pick-Me-Up at Pipe

It's Sunday morning and after a late night celebrating and chauffeuring for a friends birthday at Byron Bay, I needs me a morning pick-me-up!

Morning Pick-Me-Up (Sydney opera House)

This is so cool, surfing on one of Australia's icons. I've heard of people surfing the outer Great Barrier reef, but the Sydney Opera House. It is, so sic!!

Morning Pick-Me-Up

Here's a quick video from Jeremy Walters from Yamba-Angourie Surf School (Click the title to go to his web page). A great little morning pick-me-up of some super local talent, thanx Walt and Dakoda.

Never Give Up

In tough times it is hard for anyone to stay the course and sail on through the storm. I have been searching for inspiration a lot lately - a draining move away from my friends and family, studying again and leaving my old life behind have taken a heavy toll on my body and mind.

A Very Uplifting Video

A very cool film detailing the work being done to help those in need after the tsunami disasters in Indo - A Good Watch...

Welcome Aboard

After an amazing time at Main Beach Training Yamba, it is time for me to pack my bags and move onwards and upwards.
Now that I have stepped aside from the title, I can now explore healthy training, nutrition and lifestyle with you.
I look forward to this fresh start, and I hope you enjoy the site.